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If you have Google Analytics installed to track your website performance (which I highly recommend you do!) then one of the metrics you can monitor is Bounce Rate.

This metric is an important, yet often overlooked, piece of information that you should be paying attention too.

Googles definition of Bounce Rate is: ““The percentage of single-page sessions”

I.E – sessions whereby a user left your site from the entrance page, without actually interacting with the page.

An easier way of thinking about this is the number of times a potential customer lands on your website but exits it without clicking, exploring or browsing any other pages.

The lower your %, the better.

I personally aim to keep my bounce rate below 40%. However the lower the better!

We all want a website that performs well, hooks customer attention and creates sales!

If you find that your % rate is high, don’t go into full on meltdown mode! There are a rage of things to consider that may be influencing your bounce rate.

Spam is a key pain point. If you have a high level of spam coming via your website, it’s likely that your bounce rate will be higher than it needs to be. Akismet and Recaptcha plugins for WordPress users can help significantly reduce spam rates. Paid advertising, blogging and mobile traffic are also contenders.

If you don’t fit any of the above, and your bounce rate is still high it’s time to take a look at what you’re doing and your website. It’s highly likely the user journey is poor, or the design needs a little improvement:

Easy navigation. I’m a big believer in making sure the user has all the information they may need, but also keeping things as simple as possible. Users should know exactly where to go on the site to receive the information they want. There’s nothing worse than a navigational nightmare, with hundreds of pages and TOO MUCH information. I would be outta’ there..

Ensuring your website is part of an overall funnelling strategy will also drastically decrease your bounce rate, keeping customers locked in and allowing them to experience the customer journey. \

Adding video to your website will also increase your SEO, but will also pro-long dwell times and reduce bounce rates!

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